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8 Outdoor ABC Games – Alphabet Movement Activities

Playing games is the best way of learning. It is common that a lot of parents to have trouble teaching their kids letters, but alphabet movement activities will make it a child’s play – literally. 

Incorporating learning with fun physical activities into their everyday routine is a great way of teaching kids new things.

Thus, we singled out 8 outdoor ABC games that are simply fun, and easy to learn. It is very simple to prepare most of them since they only require a dash of equipment. Let’s dive in. 

What is the Alphabet Movement?

Alphabet movement represents an activity where kids learn letters through physical activity in a fun and easy way. Educating your children about the alphabet is never too early. Most kids can recognize letters around their third or fourth birthday says the US Department of Education


However, they also recommend that it should be a good thing to introduce your kid’s letter before they turn 3. Add a little learning to your playtime with your kid by using these alphabet movement activities to spark their skills.

Each of our 7 chosen alphabet movement activities requires motion and is great for both kids’ mental and physical health development.

Make Learning Fun!

Recognizing individual letters requires more than reciting the alphabet. This means that many kids know how to sing the alphabet song by repeating and memorizing the lyrics. These activities aim to focus on recognizing the individual letters. And, the best way to do that is with some outdoor games where kids can explore, be creative, and learn at their own pace. 


Each of these activities can vary. You can change it according to your kid’s needs and improvise some of your ideas. As long as kids have fun while playing it, you are good to go.

How To Teach Toddlers the Alphabet Movement Activities?

Here are the top 10 alphabet movement activities for teaching your kids letters in a fun and easy way!

#1 Scavenger Hunt 

Tell your kid to search for letters in a specific room of the house. You can use flashcards, alphabet blocks, or magnetic letters – basically anything available in your household. You should tell your kid how many letters you hid and remember to always encourage them to read the letter once they find them.
To make this game more interesting, organize a scavenger hunt in your backyard or the park. Let the kid explore nature and learn at the same time.

If you want to complicate the game, even more, tell your kid that each time he/she founds the letter, they need to name an item that starts with that letter. Even so, that item has to be something surrounding them. 

#2 Pipe Cleaner Letters 

For this game you will need:

  • Colorful pipe cleaners 
  • A pair of kids’ scissors

On a piece of paper write down the letters you want your kid to learn. They can use this as a reference. Tell your kids and encourage them to create the letters with their pipe cleaners. If they have trouble making it, help them, always support them, and assist them every time they need it.

This game is great for building fine motor skills and teaching all 26 letters of the alphabet at the same time.

#3 Alphabet Stones – Find your name

This game is similar to a scavenger hunt, but it is more personalized and for younger kids. Find a few stones around your backyard and write down the letters on them. Start with personally significant letters so your kid gets a more meaningful learning experience.

Hide the letters (stones) around your yard or garden and ask your kid to head off on a hunt for them. Tell your kid how many letters they should find and once they do, ask them to help you arrange the letter in order and then sing the letter names and their name.

After mastering the identity and order of their name and letters, you can include some other letters that have special meaning for them, like the name of dad, mum, sister, brother, etc.

#4 I’m Thinking of a Letter…

I am thinking of something that starts with a letter. This is a very popular game and you modify it according to your kids. For instance, take one flash card, alphabet block, or stone, without your kid seeing which letter you chose. Say it this way: I am thinking of a letter that I begin with the word ___. For instance, if you chose the letter C, you can say chair or cat. If your kid has trouble guessing, help them by changing the word or indicating the letter in some other way. When they guess, show them the letter.

#5 Alphabet Ball Toss Up

This game can have a lot of variations depending on your kid’s knowledge level. First, you can take a ball and toss it to each other. Each time someone tosses the ball has to say the letter. However, you cannot repeat the letters that have already been saying. 

Another variation of this game is to say the letter when you toss the ball, and the one who is catching it has to say the word that starts with that letter and reverse. This letter can be repeated but the word cannot.

You can also buy a beach ball and work on letter identification. Start throwing the ball to one another and naming the letter on the ball. 

#6 Initial Letter Sounds

Among the most interesting alphabet movement activities is probably initial letter sounds. Take the flashcards with letters and place them around your backyard, or if it’s raining you can do it inside your house. However, the trick is to place the letter under/behind the item that starts with the same letter. For example, place a card with T under the table, or place the T under the toy train. 

At this point you can do some variations and say to your kids ‘What letter does the table start with?’ or ‘Can you find the letter T? Here’s a clue, it is under something that starts with the letter T.’

#7 Basketball Alphabet 

Even if you do not own a basketball hoop, you can play this game. Instead, take a bucket, or a bin. Kids usually love tossing thins, one way or another. And, giving them tasks to throw it over through the hoop or in the bin, they’ll gladly do it. Tell them that each time they shoot they have to shout out one letter. Do it over until you go over the whole alphabet. You can even repeat the letters that are difficult and practice together. 

This game is also great for building their motor skills and strength

#8 Lego Letters

Luckily, you will most likely find everything you need in your kid’s playroom, hence Legos! Use a common toy as a new medium for letter creation. If they do not know how to create it, assist them. Encourage your youngster to construct upright letters so they will stand up.

Leave the letter they’ve created in their play area/garden/yard or even bedroom so the kid can create a long-lasting feeling of achievement. 

If you don’t have Legos, don’t worry. Get creative by going to your backyard or the park and collecting some rods. Place them on the grass and encourage your kid to start creating letters! 

These alphabet movement activities are not only great for developing brain circuits and learning the alphabet in a fun way, but also an excellent incentive for their proper and healthy physical development.


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