About Footmeter

We have a passion for kids and shoes. This passion was the foundation for Footmeter. We found out that often it is hard to find the right shoe size, and therefore we decided to make a solution. 

Our Story

In 2022 our journey began. We’re on a mission to make it easy to find the right shoes for kids.

Healthy kids’ feet are close to our hearts. Well, being parents of our three lovely kids has undoubtedly made a contribution to this, but one particular circumstance paved the way for forming the Footmeter. There were no accurate and reliable online tools for measuring kids’ feet when shopping online but in-store as well!

With the great idea in mind, a lot of thinking, strategizing, consulting with professionals, and a few break-downs, our website has finally arisen beyond the shadow of a doubt. 

Even though we are still a small yet mighty team of three, we are striving to provide a 100% reliable tool while delivering the most accurate information through our blogs. 


Footmeter is a website operated by the Agilio company. The website is controlled by three of our employees located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our core values are passed out from deep appreciation toward our employees and the environment. Our guiding values are:

  • Grace: We treat everyone with kindness and care.
  • Respect: Professionalism and dignity are our hallmarks.
  • Innovation: We strive to consistently deliver the latest things and always discover something new.
  • Passion: To do your job right, you have to love it. And we love each and every step of it.
  • Safety & Health: Promoting a safe, active, and healthy life in each and every way.
  • Teamwork: We are a team. We work together, we help each other, and we are always there for one another. 


Among many goals, our main and primary one is to provide an accurate and reliable tool to measure kids’ feet. The reason behind this is:


  • We want kids to have healthy feet 
  • We want to raise awareness of the importance of kids’ feet
  • We want to implement healthy habits in kids’ daily lives
  • We want to make kids more physically active
  • We want kids to participate in different activities (good both for the mind and the body)
  • We want kids to play much more outside (in nature, in the light)
  • We want to make your weekends and holidays with kids more active