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Anti-skid Socks – Kids’ Socks That Do Not Glide 

When your kids start crawling for the first time, you know that there’s going to be a lot of sliding, bumps, and falling. Luckily, that’s all part of childhood! However, there is a way to make their crawling and walking much easier with anti-skid socks or better known as kids’ socks that do not glide! 

There’s a chance that you’ve heard about these types of socks since they are popular and available worldwide. If not, we are going to explain how these socks work, what are they good for, and where can you find them! Stay tuned.


What Are Kids’ Socks That Do Not Glide?

There are a lot of different types of kids’ socks available on the market. But probably the most popular ones, especially among crawlers and young walkers, are anti-skid socks. 

Anti-skid socks or also known as treaded socks are socks designed to increase traction by providing a tread pattern on the sole. The pattern is usually crafted from rubber, that is either slightly tacky or slightly rough to prevent slippage. These socks are not only good for little ones learning how to crawl/walk but they are good for kids of all ages.



What are Anti-skid Socks Good for?

These socks are good for kids of all ages, especially the ones who are just starting to crawl and walk. Thanks to the rubber pattern on the sole, kids can have a better grip on slippery surfaces and do not glide when they crawl. Thanks to this, kids’ will not trip, slide, or get stuck in one place, but rather easily push themselves or keep a better balance once they are walking.

The main purpose of these socks is to provide better traction. Slippery walk areas are less likely to cause injuries with these types of socks. Also, some of these socks have another great feature – ensure good circulation for the baby, kids, and whoever wears them.

When it comes to their material, they are usually made of nylon and spandex, they are usually thicker for better protection, very durable, and stretchy.


But, this does not refer to all! Anti-skid socks are available in a variety of thicknesses. There are some that are nearly thick enough to wear outdoors on a dry, clean walkway. On the other hand, some are thin enough to resemble us in barefoot shoes.


How to Choose a Anti-skid Socks for My Kid?

Choosing anti-skid socks for your kid will depend upon a number of different things, such as:

  • Kids’ need
  • Personal preference
  • Medical need
  • The desired level of comfort and the intended use 

These socks are specifically designed for activities that involve crawling, walking, or any other movement. In addition to providing great grip, they reduce the risk of slipping and increase safety. Aside from being a massive hit among youngsters, these socks are also very popular among juniors and in hospitals. This is mainly because they are effective in preventing elderly people from tripping, slipping, and falling.

These socks that do not glide are cushioned on the bottom to make them more comfortable.  As we mentioned, they are usually thicker and warmer than usual socks but that depends on the style. 

Here are the top 5 most popular types of anti-skid socks for kids:


Gripper Socks

You might consider gripper socks if you’re looking for straightforward socks for your kid with secure treading. However, these socks are usually the most popular in hospitals among elderly persons. Gripper socks can help older people and kids as well in preventing slips and falls.

Single Tread Socks

Kids who want socks with a lighter tread will prefer socks with a single tread. If your kid is still unstable on their feet but doesn’t require a thick and heavy tread, then these socks are great for your little one.

Dual Tread Socks

Socks with dual tread provide complete anti-skid coverage thanks to treading on the bottom and top of the foot. These are a great choice for young crawlers that are just experimenting with different surfaces. With these kids can easily push themselves on slippery floors with extra protection.

Fall Management Slippers

These socks are reminiscent of slippers so there comes the name. They are a great choice for kids if they need a pair of slipper-style socks with nonslip rubber soles. For kids who are in a fall prevention program, these socks will provide that additional level of security.

Swimming Socks

We already talked about these swimming socks that are suitable for waterside areas. It is always a good idea to wear these socks, especially for kids, when around the pool area, sea, ocean river, or lakeside, and even while showering! These water-friendly socks are very comfortable, protect kids’ feet from different hard surfaces, and prevent slippage in slippery areas.


Top Three Anti-skid Socks for Kids

Today, there are a lot of non-slippery socks available in shops and online as well. Most of them you can find in the local stores but you can also seek them on Amazon and eBay since they are available worldwide. 

We decided to pick our three favorite anti-skid socks for kids according to the level of protection and grip, satisfied parents, the price, and the overall design. 


1. LA ACTIVE Non-Slip Socks


  • A lot of cotton fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Very stretchy
  • Provide strong grip
  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Budget-friendly



  • None

First of all, let’s take a look at the reviews that these socks have. Apparently, numbers are saying a lot, and in this case, there are over 37,000 parents that gave 4,8 stars for this product. Honestly, that’s impressive. We have never seen this before!

La Active socks come in 6 sizes covering up kids from 0 months to the age of 10. They also have 13 combinations of different colors, and each one includes sets of 6 or 12 pairs of socks. 

However, let’s talk about the most important thing, their features! Firstly, these socks are crafted from the softest cotton blend for maximum comfortability. They have incredible rubber padded soles for amazing traction and a strong grip, so your little one will be safe standing on the ground. 

Besides that, these socks are very stretchy so even if your kid has wide feet, they can easily wear these socks! And last, but not least, La Active socks have a padded heel tab for maximum protection and thick fabric so your kids’ feet can stay warm even during those cold, winter days. Taking everything into consideration as parents, we would definitely recommend these!


2. Simple Joys by Carter’s Anti-skid Socks for Kids


  • High comfortability
  • Great traction and grip
  • Features pull-on closure
  • Machine washable 


  • Might be better if they had more diverse designs and colors

Another great manufacturer of anti-skid socks for kids. These too, have amazing reviews from over 16,000 satisfied parents! They are available in 4 different designs in 5 different sizes.

When it comes to their features, they represent a blend of 72% cotton, 26% polyester, and 2% elastane. Socks have a pull-on closure for easier dressing and amazing rubber dots on the sole of the socks for a good grip and balance. 

They are also super stretchy while at the same time the fabric is thick enough to keep warm your kid’s little toes on those cold days. The only downside is that these socks are not available in many colors and patterns so you might be restricted in terms of design.


3. CozyWay Non-Slip Toddler Socks


  • Sizes and designs available in a wide range
  • Strong grip with traction
  • Soft and comfortable on the skin
  • Affordable 


  • Not suitable for machine washing

Another great product that has 4,8 stars from almost 16,000 happy parents! At the first glance, you can see that you have a huge range of colors and designs to choose from. To be precise there are 25 different color combinations in 6 different sizes and available in packs of 6 and 12. 

As per usual, these socks provide great grip thanks to round dotted patterns on the bottom. These dots cover almost the entire sole featuring smaller ones on the edges and bigger patterns in the middle. They are very stretchy and have an elastic feature so the socks can stay on your kids’ feet without falling! The only disadvantage of these socks is that they are not suitable for machines. This means that parents need to hand-wash them each time, which can sometimes be a bummer. 


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