Bunch of little kids running on the grass field with balloons in their hands

The Best Shoes for your Kids


Velcro shoes is a great choice for kids who are not yet old enough to learn to tie shoelaces themselves. Velcro shoes also hug the foot firmly, while still allowing for plenty of movement. Kids move fast when they learn to walk, so having shoes they can put on quickly without outside help is a big advantage.
This also means, that kids can tie their shoes themselves if the suddenly come undone while they are playing, and parents can rest assured knowing that their kids are not running around with undone shoelaces they can trip in and fall.


Wearing shoes with laces will require your kids to learn to tie their shoes themselves, but mastering this skill will make them much more independent.
Another advantage with laced shoes over Velcro shoes is that they adapt to the shape of the foot more than velcro shoes can. This will make the shoes more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, and also provide more stability.
A disadvantage with shoe laces is that they come undone more easily than Velcro shoes does, and may require outside help if the child cannot retie the laces themselves.
When should children be able to tie their shoes?
Parents obviously wants their children to become independent with time, but when is the right time for them to tie their shoes themselves?
A rule of thumb is that kids should be able to tie their shoes about age 5 or 6, or around the time they start elementary school.
Kids should be able to tie their shoes before the age of 9 at the latest, primarily to avoid making putting shoes on an obstacle for them.

Are kids’ feet getting narrower?

When kids are born, they have a fat pad on their legs as their feet are not developed yet.
When their feet develop, some develop fast, while others grow a little slower.
The foot shape also develops differently, it can develop into a flat foot, narrow, or wide foot. But the sizes can also grow differently.
This means that it can be difficult to find shoes that fit properly, as they need to fit firmly so the feet cannot slide back and forth.

Foot growth

As your kid’s feet grow, the development has its own pace, but you’ll also find out what the feet will look like.
There is something in the foot bone that ensures the unique adaptability of the foot to any surface.
So, the foot can be loaded, your flat arches out, so the foot also gets longer and wider. So, it is very important that kids have proper kids’ footwear that is designed to cater to these developments.
The kids’ feet usually grows 2 sizes in 1 year while their feet develop. So, this is where you need to pay attention when buying shoes.
But the feet still must move in the shoes, so the growing room should still be there so there is enough space.


How to get healthy feet?

A kid’s foot is as soft, alive, and flexible as a hand, they are made to move in all sorts of ways.
You want your kids’ feet to be healthy, so nothing happens to them as they get older.

One way to help achieve this is to not skimp on quality. This may compromise the support your kids get from their shoes when wearing them.
When buying shoes, they still must move when they are wearing the shoes so that their feet are not pressed together, or they are too big so that they fall into them.
It is best if the foot has rubber soles that they can use as support.

Hygiene for your feet is important so that not all sorts of bad bacteria come, so the feet become unhealthy and destroy them.
Unhealthy feet will not help you as you get older because your feet are connected to your body. So, if your feet can smell or you put on wet shoes again, it would be unhealthy for your feet as they are not dry and it can destroy some of the bacteria that sit under your foot.
You have to be careful not to put on wet shoes as there may be more reversing paths, then fungus may appear on your feet or something else. So dry and clean feet also provide healthy feet.


Unhealthy feet.

Kids don’t wear the right shoes or have the right support in their shoes, so they don’t get stoned, or you need special soles for the shoes to be straightened more.
You can also get a sore leg by the shoes not fitting or the soles are not right for your kids’ feet.
If your feet have become crooked, you can get posts when you get a little older.
It’s something you need to be aware of now so as not to break your feet, take care of them as they must carry you for the rest of your life, worse there when you move or what you come up with.
So, if you don’t want your feet to be completely crooked, then it is important that you get the right shoes from the start, otherwise, they will find inserts that you need to use, you need to remember that there should be room for growing supplements in the shoes.

Are socks like shoes?

When buying socks, they should not be too small because it can help to curvy your threshing, because the reflexes will not be quite as they should be.
When the kids pipes the floor then they crumble, and it becomes uncomfortable and get pain at the feet and legs.
Therefore, as with shoes, you must remember that there must be room for them to grow.

Shoes for flat feet

Usually, feet are not developed when the baby is born, so it has a fat pad which is where the arch comes when the foot develops.

The foot only begins to develop when your baby develops, so the foot develops. The foot can develop faster than the body itself would as they don’t quite go together. So now more it develops you find out what kind of foot it is your kids would develop.

But if you get a flat foot, it’s because there isn’t a natural bow so you can get a support sole so that there comes to support for your feet that straighten your feet and body.


Flat feet

You can see that you are flat-footed by standing flat down and can see that the underside goes down to the ground.

So, there is not air under the inside of the foot as there usually is.

Some grow from it, and others keep having it their whole lives.

So, the fat pad, which has usually gone about 2-3 years, still hasn’t grown or grown wrong.

Foot problems later in life, and it is most often the kids without genes. You should find shoes where there is extra support so that you are straightened out. If there is not the sole you need in the shoes, there is the option to buy them next door.

If the shoe is too thick or inflexible, it can inhibit the growth of the feet and weaken the arches, and then you can get flat feet and not have a proper bow to help you carry the body.

So, the shoe should be flexible so that the feet can move.

Shoes for wide feet

As your feet develop, you may get wide feet, so it can be difficult to find shoes for those with wide feet online, as there are some other things to look for and measure.

Because there you must measure both how long your shoe is, but you also need to measure over the foot.

It’s best to seek help in a physical store, and let the staff help you regarding measuring and recommendations for shoes to try.