Four different types of closures for kids are placed on the white surface, including shoes with laces, velcro, and slip-ons.

Different Types of Closures for Kids’ Shoes

When it comes to kids’ shoes, there are a lot of things we should pay attention to. One of which is types of closures for kids’ shoes, especially if your kid is a new walker. While some parents will prefer laces others state that velcro is the best.

Additionally, we won’t take sides, but we wanted to make a blog, stating all types of closures for different footwear and check their pros and cons. Let’s dive in.

Types of Closures for Kids’ Shoes

There are many different styles and types of kids’ shoes out to choose from. When it comes to fastenings, there are also a lot of choices. For that reason, parents are frequently in doubt about which one is the best for their little one. Before we explain each one of them, let’s check the 5 main types of closures for kids’ shoes

  • Velcro
  • Laces
  • Buckles
  • Zippers
  • Slip on

Velcro Kids’ Shoes

Another popular name for shoes with this Velcro type of closure is hook and loop. So whether you run onto hook & loop or Velcro name, they are bought referred to the same thing


Velcro shoes are probably the most popular type of shoes for younger kids. And we cannot deny it because it is a great choice for kiddos that still do not know how to maneuver with laces

They are very cute, which is always a big plus, and more importantly, the shoes are snug but still allow plenty of movement. Having enough space for toe movement is crucial since kids at this period are very active. Also, the biggest advantage is that kids can put on and take off their shoes without any assistance from an adult person. 

However, these types of shoes also have some disadvantages. Kids are prone not to take care of their shoes, especially these since they are quick to rip them off and on. Some people also argue that this fastening doesn’t provide as much support or adjustment as shoes with laces. But, while some people agree with this, others say that Velcro shoes do their job just fine.


Kids’ Shoes with Laces

If you opt for shoes with laces for your kid, it means that your little one already knows how to tie them. Once they master this skill, they will be much more independent.

They are also more flexible than velcro shoes due to their ability to adapt to the shape of the foot. More stability will result from this, as well as longer periods of comfortable wearing.

However, there is one downside to these shoes and that’s they can easily come undone. This means that the kid will need help from adults if they are unable to tie their shoelaces by themselves.  

Kids’ Shoes with Buckle Fastening

Buckle fastenings are also very popular among kids. Usually, this type of closure is used for those dress/elegant shoes, but you can find them for everyday wear as well.

You’ve probably seen the buckle fastenings when you studied Ancient Rome, where soldiers used them to hold their shoes in place. This is telling us right away that this type of fastening is pretty good since it was popular back then and still is up to this day.


While buckles are easy to adjust, younger children and toddlers might find them too complex. For that reason, we recommend that you help them when fastening them. They provide good hold and accurate tightness to the kids’ feet but, as time goes by, they can become loose

This is one of the biggest advantages of buckle closure shoes, so it’s always a good idea to watch out for them slipping off.

A T-bar shoe is one of the most popular styles with buckles as a fastening. As we mention before, these are usually the footwear great for formal occasions or even for school terms.

Kids’ Shoes with Zipper

While zippers are more popular among adults, especially for winter footwear, zipper lock is also present in kids’ shoes. This type of closure is suitable for different types of footwear, from sporty ones to even indoor baby shoes.

For starters, these types of shoes are very convenient. Just like Velcro shoes, these are pretty easy to put on and take off. This means that toddlers can wear them easily without the assistance of adults. Also, zippers are often found on kindergarten footwear or indoor shoes, that kids usually wear.

However, zipper footwear for every day also has laces, however, don’t get fooled by it. The laces are there usually just for decoration and they cannot be tied down. However, there are times when zippers are combined with some other types of closures for kids’ shoes including laces and Velcro fastenings. 

The zippers are located on the inside or outside of the kid’s shoes and they provide a tight grip so there’s very little chance that these shoes will fall off their feet. Aside from zipper-lock being popular among indoor shoes, they are also popular in everyday shoes, those winter boots, or school sneakers. 

Slip Ons

The biggest advantage is that slip-on encourages your kid to be independent, is easy to put on and take off when you’re in a hurry, and comes in a wide variety of styles. However, they also have some cons.

There is nothing more suitable than light summer shoes for the kids when playing outside, around the garden, or in their family pool. They are also many designs to choose from, which is a big plus since kids can be picky! These shoes are usually made from canvas, a cloth shoe material that can be very suitable for those hot days.

But, as we mentioned above, slip-on has some disadvantages. These types of footwear can cause kids to clench their toes so they can keep the shoes on since they do not provide any type of closure or fastening. This can result in food pain and cause some issues with their feet in the long term. 

Also, these shoes are very flat, without proper sole and kids’ shoe insole. Flat shoes can cause kids to develop flat feet, or develop some other problems that disturb normal foot development. 

Swivel Lock

Shoes with swivel locks became popular in the last couple of years. This is just one of the greatest types of closures for kids’ shoes but also for adults’ footwear. It is like having the same ability that you have with laces, including great adjustments, stability, and grip but without having to tie laces on your own. Sounds perfect things for kids right? 

These shoes have an automatic rotating button that you use to adjust how tied you want your shoes. It’s very easy and very convenient, especially for toddlers who still do not know how to tie their laces. 

Thanks to the laces, with just the turn of this button, your kid can have shoes that are tight rather than loose, and that have very low chances of coming off. 

The only bad thing about swivel locks is that the mechanism can break and thus shoes can not be used anymore. This is rather a word of caution a big thing to worry about and thus avoid this type of lock. 



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