A little girl sitting on tree stump smiling and wearing autumn black boots

How to find your Kids Shoesize?

When you need shoes for your kid the most common would be to go to a shoe store and ask for help to find your kids’ shoe size. They can measure your kids’ feet with a foot meter and show you some shoes.

But maybe you don’t have time for that or you think it’s more convenient to buy shoes online. It can also be that you have found some shoes online you just want. In the following paragraphs, you can find some tips that can help you find the right shoes for your kid or baby.

What size shoes does my kid need?

When you buy shoes for kids, you cannot choose after your kids’ age, as you often can when you buy kids’ clothes. Shoes for kids have different sizes, just like shoes for adults.

When you are buying shoes in a physical store, staff can measure your kids’ feet on a shoe meter. If you want to buy shoes for your kid from an online store, the situation is different. You don’t get help from the staff and a foot meter, and you, therefore, need to have a foot meter yourself.


Print and use our foot meter

Here at Foot meter, we have made a foot measuring chart, where you can measure your kids’ feet in inches, and then see what that is in US shoe sizes. There is US size 1 (baby) to size 7 (grade school).

You can find the foot meter on the frontpage and print it. If you do not have the opportunity to print it out, you can use paper and a tape measure.

How to use our foot meter

When you need to measure your kids’ feet with this foot chart, it is possible to print it. If you cannot print it, you can use paper, tape measure.


If you have printed out our foot chart, place your kids against the wall where the heel is located all the way up against the wall. Afterward, you can take a pencil and draw lines to see your kid’s size.
If you do not have the opportunity to print out, you can find sizes in different ways.

1. You stand against the wall on a blank piece of paper and draw around, then measure with either a tape measure or ruler.

2. Stand on the tape measure with your heels up against the wall.

3. Use a blank piece of paper where your kids have wet feet, and you can measure how far it is in between.

4. It’s a good idea to measure both feet when you need to find size. Since it is normal that there is a difference between one’s feet and one is slightly longer than the other. If there is a difference between the feet, you take the largest foot and then you add the growing supplement. But if there is more than 2cm. The difference, one must measure again for safety.


Remember space for growing

As the body grows, so do the feet. With kids’ feet, it is said that they often grow unevenly. That is, there may be a longer period where they fit the same shoes, and then suddenly they skip a size.

Kids’ feet can actually grow up to 15 millimeters in half a year! That is quite a lot – and therefore it is important to keep an eye on their feet and measure them regularly. In any case, your kids’ feet must be measured when purchasing new shoes. It may well be that the shoe size has changed since the last time.

The shoe size for your kids must not be too small or too large. There must be space in the shoes, so the toes don’t hit the nose when they run around playing. The shoes must not be too large either, however, which can limit them in their playing, or worse, they can risk stumbling.

Because kids’ feet grow in jerks, it is a good idea that you add between 0,4-0,6 inches of growing room to the foot size.

Once you have measured your kids’ feet and added 0,4-0,6 inches, you can see on our foot meter what the size in inches corresponds to in shoe size.

Whether the kids should have a 0,4 or 0,6 inches growing room depends on the type of shoe and the kids’ age. For example, is it difficult for very young kids to walk in shoes that are 0,6 inches too large? In that case, 0,4 inches will be enough.

Narrow, normal, or wide?

It is not only the size of the feet you need to think about. What the feet are shaped like is also important. Are they narrow, normal, or wide?

Are you unsure about whether your kids’ feet are narrow, normal, or wide? As a rule, you can look at how your child is shaped in general. Do you have a slender kid, a kid in good shape, or do you have a kid who is more average? Most often, the feet are not much different from the rest of their physique.

But you can also use yourself as a yardstick. If you have wide/narrow feet, your kid usually takes after one of you.

Once you have the right measurements, you can find the shoe that you would like to buy for your kids.

Often you can read in the description of the shoes if the shoe is a narrow, normal, or wide model.

Think about the kind of shoe

If it is your kid’s first shoe, the sole should be flexible, from the pad and all the way to the toes, so there is better room for the kid to move freely. It is also important to think about what the shoes are for. It can be some sneakers that you use every day, so they have to fit your kid’s feet relatively tight.

When it rains, you need some rubber boots that are still stuck. Since the shoes must be flexible as they will be used for different activities. As they will be used for playing inside and outside, sports or special occasions like a birthday party.

You also need to think about shoes for the different seasons, depending on where you live. If you live in an area where the weather is the same all year round, your kids’ may be fine wearing the same type of shoes all year round. However, if you live somewhere where the weather changes significantly with the season, each season may call for a different type of shoe.