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Indoor Shoes for Kids

Everyone is talking about the importance of outdoor footwear, but what about indoor shoes for kids? They are equally important for kids’ safety, and thus, we are going to discuss them. 

Many kindergartens require a pair of indoor shoes that have never been worn outside. This may seem unnecessary and a waste of money, but it is actually a safety issue. By wearing indoor shoes your kids will not get dirty or wet socks or even freeze when the floor is cold. Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic!


Are Indoor Shoes for Kids Necessary?

Indoor shoes are meant for indoor purposes, as the name implies. They are most popular in kindergartens, where kids are obligated to wear them.

However, many parents find this ridiculous and problematic. From a financial perspective, we understand that it could be a little challenging. But indoor shoes make a big difference to the cleanliness and usability of the schools.


For example, dirt dragged by other peers’ shoes where your kid is playing might put other children at risk of slipping and falling. You can make your kids’ school a safer place by ensuring that they wear indoor shoes.

The list we made was a selection of the most affordable, quality-made, and comfortable pairs of shoes. Besides, these shoes are also good for kids’ feet and their development. Thus, we will provide a guide on how to choose the proper indoor shoes for your little ones and show off our top 5 picks.


How to Choose the Best Indoor Shoes for Kids? 

These four factors are the most important things to consider when looking for indoor shoes for your little one.


1. Age

The younger your kid is, the more important it is to choose the age-appropriate indoor shoes.

Choose footwear that holds your kid’s entire foot firmly within the slipper for the youngest ones who just started waking. 

Also, these indoor shoes need to have soft soles. Thus, your kid’s foot can develop without constriction, which reduces the chances of slippers coming loose and causing an accident.

As for the preschool kids, their feet are more developed compared to new walkers, yet the indoor shoes have to be comfortable. Try to look for indoor footwear with an appealing design and the feature of sustainable shoes. This will maximize the chance of a kid putting them on without complaint.

Indoor shoes are typically sold in size ranges rather than single sizes. These might be based on a range of ages or shoe sizes.


If your kid is nearing the top of a size, avoid the temptation to buy the next size up or wait till your kid has grown a bit before purchasing them.

Indoor shoes or so-called slippers, when too large, are potentially dangerous. Oversized footwear can cause a kid to stumble or fall.

Therefore, if you are unsure what the right size is and don’t want to order the wrong-sized slipper, just simply measure it on Footmeter


2. Comfort

The second most important thing is for those indoor shoes to be as comfy as possible. 

First, take into consideration your local climate and the average temperature. The more breathable the fabric, the more comfortable the slippers will be in the heat and general in hot weather. 

For those colder days or climates, you want to strike the right balance between keeping your kid’s feet warm and preventing them from overheating and sweating.

Chose between lined and unlined shoes. Unlined indoor shoes are more comfortable for those hot days. Plus, some kids, especially those with sensory issues, may have trouble with the feel of the lining in their slippers, especially if it is wrinkled.


3. Safeness

Kids’ indoor shoes need to have an enclosed foot and additional closures. As your child becomes more confident, you can cut the need for closures.

You should ensure that the sole of the shoes has some traction on hard surfaces such as wood or tile to prevent slipping and sliding.

Kid’s safety is out of utmost importance, and checking these small yet important details can help you choose the most suitable indoor shoes for your little one.


4. Interests and Aesthetics

Experience can tell us that the best kids’ indoor shoes are whichever slippers you can persuade them to wear!

And from the present perspective, we couldn’t agree more. For some unknown reason, kids are not the biggest fans of wearing indoor footwear. Thus, shopping for ones can be a bit complex, just like when buying a baby’s first shoes, but we are here to help.

Try to find kids’ indoor shoes in their favorite character franchise, animals, toys, or even some design that will appeal to them. Choosing a pair of slippers that appeals to your kid is a great way to encourage them to wear their new shoes.


Best Indoor Shoes for Kids

Whether you are shopping for running shoes, everyday footwear, or indoor shoes for your kid, we always want the best out of the best.

But how can we know that certain pairs of shoes are the best ones? Well, we took some criteria such as the overall quality, comfortability, the budget, and the satisfied Amazon reviews worldwide.

Without much further ado, let’s check the top 3 best indoor shoes for your little one.


1. GUBARUN Toddler Boys Girls Sneakers

If you wonder why these particular shoes are at the top of our list, 7000 satisfied parents gave the average 5 stars. That means something.

Gubarun shoes have an incredible design. They are beautifully crafted, which can be a big plus for both kids and parents. 

Second,  the shoes have an upper mesh fabric that provides great ventilation. Thus, your kid’s feet will not feel wet or clogged inside these shoes. 

Underneath, there is a manmade, non-slip sole that ensures the kid’s safety. This feature will help the little ones balance easier on tiles and wood, making them secure on every surface.

Besides that, Gubarun shoes are made from lightweight materials. Thus the sneaker is light and soft, providing great comfort and breathability.

All of their shoes are suitable for both boys and girls, plus they come in various colors so your little one can choose! 

These indoor shoes are also budget-friendly; you can find them for about $22, which is pretty affordable.


2. SLEVEL Toddler Socks Slipper

What’s the most important is that these shoes have shown to be very good. These indoor shoes have 4,5 stars from almost  5000 satisfied parents. 

First of all, these slippers are not classy ones. They look like socks since their upper side is crafted from breathable and elastic materials. As for the bottom, it is made from rubber, and anti-slip soles. 

Thanks to cushioned memory insoles with ventilation holes, your kid’s feet will feel comfy. While, on the other hand, the non-slip rubber sole ensures their safety. When running over, the non-skid bottom provides youngsters a firm hold.

The greatest feature is that these shoes are like socks, so the kids will not even feel them when wearing them. They are super lightweight and flexible with smooth upper stretch fabric.

This will give your kid excellent comfortable and high protection.

Besides these great features, these indoor shoes are pretty affordable. Parents can find Slevel shoes for around $18.


3. Dearfoams Kids Animal Critter Washable Slipper

The first thing that you will notice about these indoor shoes is the design. They come in various shapes of animals, such as sharks, bears, crocodiles, and of course, unicorns!

Dearfoams, kid’s slippers are adorable, soft, and comfy and will bring a smile to your kid’s face. They are crafted to withstand challenging adventures that kid’s go through. 

The upper side of the shoes is made from faux fur or fleece with a fun 3D animal print. They have a hard sole so the kid can run in them briefly, and the grip means that they will not slip around on the hard floors. As for the bottom, it has durable, constant support no matter where the day leads. 

The big plus of these slippers is that they are machine washable. You can easily place them in the machine, and the form of the slippers will stay the same. 

Probably the biggest advantage, besides being very comfy, are their adorable design. There is no doubt that the kids will love these and wear them whenever they are inside the house!

As for the price, Dearfoams shoes are pretty affordable since you can find them for about $18.


Finding indoor shoes for kids has just become a piece of cake. Even though the little ones sometimes refuse to wear them, we are pretty sure that we found the solution.

When shopping for this kind of footwear, remember the three most important things: choose the right size, ensure that they are comfortable, and have safety features like rubber sole bottoms. 

According to the satisfied parents worldwide, we picked the top three indoor shoes and stated their most prominent features. We hope that you can find at least one that will suit your and your kid’s need and that they can finally have a safe play wherever they are!



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