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Top 3 Swimming Socks for Kids

Swimming socks for kids or better known as water socks are suitable for different kinds of activities such as playing on the beach, swimming, diving, and snorkeling. They are also suitable as an accessory if your little one decides to go for paddle boarding. 

But are swimming socks good, and if so, what are the top ones you can find for your little one?

Let’s find out more!

What are Swimming Socks Good for?

Swimming socks are good for providing warmth on your kid’s feet in cold water and can also offer stability on the board. 


A good pair of water socks should keep your kid’s feet dry and provide the necessary protection. Besides, these accessories will keep little ones’ feet feeling secure on rocks and stones. They should also provide good comfort and a bit of extra insulation.

They represent a simple way to get more time in the water, whether in the ocean, swimming pool, or the local aquatic centre.

Let’s check out what are swimming socks good for:



  • Great for the pool – They provide a decent grip and protect your kid’s feet on slippery and often dirty pool decks. When doing water aerobics or exercising, they help keep a grip on the pool bottom.
  • Protection from the sun – Water socks can protect feet from the sun, especially when walking on sand or rocks exposed to the sun.
  • Providing warmth in cold water – Water socks will insulate kids’ feet, keeping them warm and comfortable in a chilly pool or sea.
  • Give kid stability – They are an essential part when the kid is on the boat, climbing wet boat ladders, or climbing along wet rocks. Aqua socks have a grip on the sole that helps navigate slippery surfaces confidently.
  • Cuts down on chafing – Swimming training fins and snorkel fins are great ways to get more out of swimming sessions. Thus, swim socks can protect from the hard plastic of fins, whether on the top of the kid’s feet or from the heel strap.
  • Keep the sand out – Besides being suitable for different purposes, these socks are also great for keeping the sand out of those little toes!


What Is the Difference Between Water Shoes and Water Socks?

Water socks, swimming socks, or aqua socks look more or less like everyday socks. But, regular socks are usually made of heavy cotton fabric, while swimming socks aren’t.

They are usually crafted from long-lasting materials such as lycra or neoprene. Usually, they are available in different heights, but the most popular are those with ankle-high and high-tops designs. Some designs will even come with adjustable ankle cuffs.

Additionally, your socks will stay up when your kid is walking or playing along the beach or even swimming.

Water shoes, sometimes called aqua socks, come with soles made of rubber and mesh top.

The sole is usually made of flexible rubber, promoting comfort and excellent traction, especially on wet surfaces. And, thanks to the mesh tops, bathing shoes provide great breathability, and they dry out pretty fast.


Water will be able to quickly flow in and out of the water shoes thanks to the holes surrounding the mesh top, ensuring that they are never water-logged.


What Are Swimming Gloves, and Does my Kid Need One?

Like swimming socks, swimming gloves protect kids’ hands from cold water and help them swim easier.

They look and fit like a glove but feature webbing between the fingers to help your kid grab the water. However, thanks to their softer and flexible nature, the kid will still get a lot of natural mobility in their hands when swimming.

In winter, or generally in cold weather, swim gloves are more of a necessity since the water is very much freezing. The thicker the glove, the better isolation will be; thus, their hand will not be cold. However, thicker designs offer less finger mobility, so they are recommended for winter sessions.

If your kid goes to training to become a swimmer, they can wear gloves during exercise to increase water resistance. This is because the webbed fingers are spreading wide to create more drag. As a result of the resistance, the upper body receives an intense workout, and all the major muscle groups are toned far beyond regular swimming.


Swimming Socks for Kids: Buying Guide

When it comes down to buying the suitable swimming socks for your kids, there are a few considerations you need to know, and they are:

Understanding kids needs

These water gears offer various features. If you want to protect your kid’s feet from hot sand and stones and yet keep them warm in cold weather, then swimming socks are for you. 

However, if you do not need it for swimming, but rather for comfortability, you might want to look for water shoes or bathing sandals. Examine your kid’s needs and determine what type of footwear suits your little one.

Check the quality of the gear

We cannot tell you what you should buy or how much money you should spend. However, socks with better quality material will for sure be long-lasting and provide better performances.

They will also provide better traction and protect your kid’s feet from different surfaces and weather conditions. 

Kid’s feet size

Regardless of the type of water gear you are looking for, you must find the right fit. Thus, look out for the correct size. Luckily, if you love online shopping and want to avoid all that chaos of buying footwear in the store, you can measure your kid’s feet using the Footmeter

You will get the 100% accurate size easily and fast. But, always remember to take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications and their size chart before buying.

Suitable for any pocket

The fact that your kid needs swimming socks does not justify draining your pockets. Yes, the quality is essential, but it is even more important to purchase wisely. With a little bit of searching and good reviews from other parents, you can find high-end quality socks for an affordable price.

Thus, let’s check out the top three picks according to affordability, great reviews, and matching quality!


Top 3 Swimming Socks for Kids

1. Hiitave Water Socks


  • Anti-slip sole feature
  • Very durable
  • Quick-drying diving material



  • The colors might fade away

If you wonder why we chose these water socks to be at the top of our list, it is simply because Hiitave water socks have over 16,000 positive reviews, with a 4,6 average rating. Many satisfied parents stated that these socks are great for little kids, have amazing features, are affordable, and also have good quality overall. 

These socks also provide a smooth neck design for optimal comfort. The Hiitave water socks are lightweight and flexible, with a great rubber sole. Its upper is made from a diving material that dries quickly and gives good breathability. Thanks to its smooth fabrics, it has fine stretch on uppers.

The socks have a safe design, which is probably the most important. A non-slip rubber sole prevents your kid’s feet from slipping during exercise and sports, as well as protects their feet from rocks and other sharp objects. 

They are also super lightweight and flexible, so it is almost like they are wearing barefoot shoes

Besides, there are a variety of colors, styles, and designs to choose from.


2. Jiasuqi Water Socks


  • Beautiful and colorful design suitable for both boys and girls
  • A smooth neck design
  • Non-slip rubber soles with great stability
  • Budget-friendly


  • Run only in small sizes

These swimming shoes have 4.3 starts from 11,500 satisfied parents, which is incredible! Their ultra-thin material grips are tight to the foot for a snug yet comfortable feel.

The socks are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex with the rubber sole. The material is stretchy and ultra-thin, making kids feel like they are wearing socks.

The Jisauqi swimming socks have wearable and great rubber soles, protecting kids’ feet from sharp objects or even hot sand and rocks.

They are also crafted from a stretch upper fabric that is very flexible and provides great breathability to the feet. Our favorite feature is the smooth neck design which prevents scratching when wearing. They are also very easy to wear and take off.

These unisex shoes for kids come in different colors and designs and are very affordable. Besides being great swimming shoes, they are also suitable for beach purposes and other indoor and outdoor, and leisure sports activities.


3. Apolter Aqua Socks


  • Very lightweight
  • Flexible design
  • Extra padded toe for protection


  • It might wear out quickly

Apolter swim socks have a non-slip rubber sole to keep kids’ feet secure and protected. Thanks to the flexible, unstructured upper, children’s feet are strengthened, and their balance is improved. It is also made from very soft, quick-drying, and breathable fabric.

Even though they feature a rubber sole, these shoes are lightweight. In addition, these socks also feature a pull-tab on the heel, making it a little easier to put them on and take them off.

Furthermore, these shoes have extra padding along with the toe tips for added protection. We also appreciate the wide variety of fun designs and colors available for both boys and girls!



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