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Top 5 Wide Shoes for Kids: Buying Guide

Have you noticed that your kid complains that their shoes are too tight? Or complaining that their feet fit poorly in normal-width shoes? This probably means that your little one needs wide shoes for kids.

Many children have wider feet, and that is not something you should be worried about! There are some great shoe brands on the market that are stylish and comfortable, but also offer wide-width sizes. This will give you peace of mind and keep your kid’s feet happy and comfortable!

We know that a search for wide shoes can be challenging, but we are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest wide-footed kid’s shoes. But first, here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for wide shoes for your little one.


Buying Guide for Kid’s Wide Shoes 

Shoe shopping for kids is similar to buying shoes for adults. In general, the same principles apply to kids, but there are a few extra considerations.


Here are a few things to look out for:

If you are able, go to the store and let your kid try a pair of shoes. The best option would be for the kid to try the footwear and even walk around a little in it. However, if you are shopping online, then make sure you get the kid’s right size. You can do that by using Footmeter. With simple steps, you can get the accurate foot size of your little one. 

Check their feet.  Once the shoes arrive, or if you are trying them in the store, make sure that their toes aren’t curled. Also, check if their heel is where it’s supposed to be. Ensure that their toes have about a thumbs width space in the forefoot.


Ensure the kid is wearing the socks they usually wear. If you want your child to try on the shoes, bring his or her socks to check how they fit.

Ask your kid about comfortability. Ensure that the kid’s toes are not squeezed in the shoes and that there is a thumb-free space behind its heel. Also, there should be a little free space on the side as well, especially if your kid has a wider foot.

Do not buy the “next size up.”  Buying bigger shoes for your kid can be just as bad as buying footwear that is too small. It’s important to ensure there is some wiggle room for their toes, about a thumbs width. However, shoes should not be that bigger so that a kid can trip over their own feet.


What Is the Size Difference for Wide and Extra Wide Shoes for Kids?

The difference between shoe widths at the ball of the foot is approximately 1/4″

Wide widths are 1/4″ wider than medium widths, and extra wide widths are 1/2″ wider than medium widths.


Here is a chart on kids’ shoe size letters.


MMedium or AverageM
XWExtra WideWW /XW/ EW


Who Makes Wide Shoes for Kids?

Luckily, there are a lot of brands that craft wide shoes for kids, such as New Balance, Saucony, Skechers, Hiitave Shoes, etc.

Therefore, we made a list of the best shoes for kids with wide feet. And the criteria we took for crafting the list of the best shoes, are the comfortability of the shoes, their price point, and satisfied reviews worldwide. 

Let’s check them.


1. New Balance Unisex-Child 455 V2

New Balance makes shoes for kids with wide feet that are equally durable and stylish. Thus, it’s no wonder why their 455 V2 model has nearly 5,000 all-positive ratings on Amazon.

It’s designed with wide dimensions so that your kid can move easily on the playground. It features decorative laces and a real hook-and-loop closure that makes it easy on/off footwear. 

Its sleek black design is a popular choice, but you can choose from multiple colors that are as stylish as it is comfortable.

Many satisfied parents stated that they had problems with finding a good fit for their kid’s wide feet. But these sneakers have been a great choice since almost non of the parents complained of shoes being uncomfortable. 

The New Balance 455 v2 model is suitable for both girls and boys, comes in standard and wide sizes, and is also available for infants, little kids, and big kids sizes.


2. Saucony Unisex-Child Baby Jazz Hook

Saucony is a company that is worldwide popular for producing quality footwear. They are known for their unmatching comfortability yet style too. 

They have a simple Velcro closure which makes it easy to get these shoes on and off as well as adjust the width.

Kids’ feet won’t sweat and get too hot in these shoes because the uppers are made of durable, stylish suede and breathable mesh. Lightweight EVA foam makes up the midsole, providing a bit of cushion without being too soft.

The Saucony Unisex-Child Baby Jazz Hook is suitable for both boys and girls, and is available for both big kids (size 10.5-12) and little kids (size 4-10).


3. GUBARUN Toddler Lightweight Tennis Shoes

As the name implies, we would guess that these shoes are only when the kid is playing tennis, but they are not. First, these shoes come in a wide range of colors, so they can easily be found for both genders.

Second, the upper side of the shoe is crafted with breathable and comfortable mesh fabric which provides great ventilation. It uses lightweight materials so the kids can feel like they are wearing barefoot shoes

Thus, if putting socks on your kid is a thing you would love to leave behind then these breathable shoes are for you. Besides, many parents loved the durability of this footwear since it can withstand a child’s play. And, thanks to the non-slip sole feature, the shoes ensure the safety of kids. 

Although these shoes are not specifically offered in wide sizes, their stretchy material and adjustable closure make them a great fit for wide feet.

Many satisfied parents worldwide, agreed that they are super flexible and stretchy and are easy to get on and off the child’s feet.

As per usual, the GUBARUN Toddler Lightweight Tennis Shoes are available in kid’s and toddler sizes as well. 


4. Keds Daphne Mary Jane Flat

Featuring a variety of patterns, prints, and colors to suit different styles, these comfortable shoes are great for little girls with wider feet. With almost 5000 reviews that gave the average star of 4,7, these shoes are one of a kind. 

The Keds Daphne Maty Jane Flat shoes feature an adjustable T-Strap and the hoop & loop closure that makes it easy for kids to take it off and on. 

What makes this footwear so unique is the deep flex grooves on the sole that allow kids’ feet to flex naturally. This means that they are suitable for the playground, making them great running shoes and all-day wear at the same time. 

Even on slick roads, the rubber sole provides excellent grip, and the memory foam footbed is both soft and supportive.


5. New Balance Kid’s 888 V2

Another New Balance shoe on our list. We cannot resist them since they’ve proven to be very comfy and practical for kids with wide feet. 

The 888 V2 model comes in 15 different color combinations, so there is a high chance of finding the one that will suit your little one the best. They come in pink, purple, and red, in addition to the unbeatable gray color.

Besides amazing style, let’s see how actually comfy they are.

If your kid is ready to go into the world of lace-up shoes, these New Balance sneakers for wide feet are a great place to start. 

This shoe is an ideal choice for parents of kids who use orthotic braces since it provides proper foot development. This is all thanks to the extra-wide size options that these shoes offer. They’re designed with tough suede uppers and rubber outsoles, making them a durable pair of sneakers that are suitable for younger kids.

If your little one is still not ready for laces, New Balance also offers a hook-and-loop option in wide and extra-wide sizes. And that is just one of the reasons why this brand has 2 models on our list! They are thinking about everything!

These shoes also provide great stability which is always a good plus, especially for the younger ones. And, thanks to many satisfied parents’ reviews, we have found out that this particular model has helped improve kids’ ankle posture.

New Balance 888 V2 is available for toddlers 5—10 sizes in standard, wide, and extra-wide; but also for infants, little kids, and big kids.



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