Little kid in the blue jacket trying the skis for the first time, holding and pushing itself with the ski poles.

When is the Right Time for Kids to Start Skiing? 

Ski lessons can start as early as 18 months of age, but some recommended age is around three years old. If you wonder when is the right time for kids to start skiing, there goes your answer. However, each kid develops at their own pace, so it is largely an individual thing. You can start teaching your child to ski if they are able to walk steadily.

Overall, you can’t expect your kid to be following you while you down a steep mountain at this age. Nevertheless, it is old enough to get used to snow, play on flat slopes, become familiar with the equipment, and even get a little taste of slopes as well. Let’s discuss a little deeper when is the right time for kids to start skiing, why, and how you can help them learn!

Skiing Regularly VS One Ski Vacation 

Skiing is a great outdoor winter activity, especially for families. Teaching your kids to ski on their own requires patience, commitment, and a significant amount of time. If you plan on going on just one ski vacation, we wouldn’t recommend you try skiing with kids. However, you can give it a try, and if they like it, maybe a one-ski vacation can turn into family skiing season every year. 

You can begin training your kids to ski as early as you like if you want to do it yourself. Most small kids can be introduced to skiing by 18 months, but we advise waiting until age 3. The ability of a one- or two-year-old to ski will be limited; thus, those early years will see relatively moderate growth in ski training.


When it comes to teaching small kids to ski regularly, they will need a lot of assistance, which means you won’t have much opportunity to ski by yourself. At this point, consider taking your kid to a ski school and turn it into a seasoned holiday!

It actually depends on the ski school’s age requirements if you’re enrolling your kids in ski lessons. You can even try one-to-three-hour lessons for rookie skiers, but they might not bring the results you want and teach your kids anything more than the very basics.  On the other hand,  full-day ski school classes are the best value for your money in the beginning and can teach kids everything necessary. The majority of ski schools begin their full-day programs around ages 4-5.

How Fast Can Kids Learn to Ski?

Too young or too old kids can be difficult to teach. The learning speed of a 6-year-old is much faster than a 4-year-old, but the ten-year-old also. Adults and older kids frequently overthink the mechanics of learning to ski and don’t take it up as quickly. A 4-year-old can pick up how to make a “pizza stop” rather fast, but it will take them longer to progress to more challenging terrain.


The best age for most young kids is around age 6-7 if you want them to pick up skiing quickly. Within a week of classes, it’s not unusual for a kid that age to progress to easy blue (intermediate) terrain because they have a little more self-assurance and bravery.

The best years for kids to start skiing

Most kids that learn to ski properly before age five are either physically gifted kids or neighborhood kids who frequently visit the mountains. So, if you wonder when is the best time for kids to start skiing it’s typically closer to 5.

A kid between the ages of 4.5 and 5 may be able to acquire the basics of watching, turning, stopping, and handling the lifts well enough with at least three days of instruction. Then, they can leave the ski school corral, enter the open green runs, and start dropping those slopes. Before that age, skiing lessons for kids were typically mainly for pleasure and to keep them occupied while their parents and elder siblings were on the slopes.

What About Teenagers, Can They Learn As Quick as Younger Kids?

It doesn’t mean that the kid at the age of 12 cannot learn to ski quickly, but that depends on the kid itself. It is generally true that teenagers learn to ski slower than younger kids, even though they tend to pick up most sports quickly.  Overthinking mechanics and worrying about being on a beginner hill with little kids can cause them to jump to more challenging terrain too soon.  

They lose their foundational ski skills as a result, which can seriously affect their long-term progress. It’s not particularly common, but you’ll occasionally run into teenagers who start skiing and find it incredibly easy.


What is Easier to Learn, Skis or Snowboard?  

Skiing is easier to learn. However, it is typically simple to learn at first but challenging to master. Although learning to snowboard is challenging, mastering the sport is simpler. This guideline generally remains true, though there are exceptions, and you can use it to guide your and your kids’ choice of snow sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start skiing?

It is possible to start skiing lessons as early as 18 months old, but some instructors recommend three to four years old as the ideal age for skiing. A 4-year-old is able to handle the physical demands of skiing much better than a younger kid because kids of age 4-5 have a far better attention span. It really does make a difference the extra few months in age – for your kid, the instructor, and you as well!

Can I take my 4-year-old skiing?

Yes, you can take your 4-year-old to ski. At this age, kids learn to easier to ski more than they would at younger age due to their ability to cope with the physical demands.

Can you take 2-year-old skiing?

The short answer is yes; the longer is that it largely depends on your kid. On what it wants, how active the kid is, and, more specifically, on its physical ability. Luckily, there are a lot of ski schools for kids that give private lessons from the age of 2 and 3 and are perfect for your kids’ first ski steps.

Wrapping Up

Many parents wonder when is the right time for kids to start skiing, and the truth is there is no correct answer, just the guidelines. Some basic rule is that kids can start taking ski classes at the age of 3 to 4 in ski schools. If you want to teach them on your own, you can start as early as 18 months

The truth is that not all youngsters are necessarily prepared to begin skiing without their parents at such a young age, even though ski school is provided to very young children. At the ages of 2, 3, or possibly even 4, on-mountain childcare or a combo program that incorporates both inside play and some time on the skis will be beneficial for many kids who only ski infrequently while on vacation.



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